Sometimes in life, you want to chill but look cute doing it. I recently met up with a couple of friends for lunch, and I just wanted to wear something comfortable. So, my look for the day was an Old Navy high-waisted blue denim cut-off ankle jeans with a classic button-down shirt and gray Adrienne Vittadini shoes. Of course, it was my turn to pay; I carried my wallet in a red vintage Liz Claiborne purse. I had a great time catching up with my friends in style.

Jeans came from:
2nd Avenue Value Stores
6307 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD 20748

Blouse and Purse came from:
4917 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746

For Shoes:
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Fall can be unpredictable with the weather fluctuating from 50 to 70 degrees. It’s good to have a sweater for a 72-degree day and a cold evening, which was the case this past weekend at the winery. I wore a pink pullover midriff sweater with distress boyfriend jeans and a neutral color sandal heel. I could have worn this outfit with a neutral color ankle heel boots or white tennis shoes. But I wanted to get as much wear out of my sandals before the weather gets cold.

Dress came from THRED UP.

Jeans came from:
Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store
8228 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309


Fall weddings are beautiful. Its the in-between weather that allows you to wear darker colors and explore new fabrics while holding on to your open-toe shoes. During quarantine, I found a chic velvet navy blue cocktail dress on Thred-Up – a popular online thrift store. I wore a simple sandal heel to complete this look . I may not have a wedding to attend this season, But I do have a dress to wear in Fall 2021!

Dress came from THRED UP.



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