When you have a rough week, it’s good to take care of yourself to feel good for the next day. Thursdays are my days for self-care; this is the time for me to put my phone on airplane mode, listen to some 90’s R&B, and give myself a spa treatment. I don’t know about you, but an at-home Facial before the weekend is what I need to feel refresh and rejuvenated. I tried a new Simple Skin Regimen from the JNL Naturals Shine collection. This kit consisted of a cleansing bar, Lip Balm, Face Salve, and Konjac Sponge. Let’s see how everything worked on this night of self-care.

Face and Body Cleansing Bar

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There’s a saying to never use the same cleanser for your body and face. But, JNL Naturals put those stereotypes to rest with their unique Face and Body cleanser that has seven organic ingredients found in your home to cleanse your skin without any irritation. To start self-care Thursday, I took a shower, paired the cleansing bar with JNL Natural’s bamboo loofah to exfoliate my skin, gently applied the bar to my face, and washed in a circular motion until my face felt squeaky clean. The smell was light and didn’t contain any fragrance. The consistency of the product was excellent and didn’t break out my skin. My face felt prepared for the next step of my skincare regimen using the Konjac Sponge.

My Favorite Ingredients
Grapefruit Essential Oil- prevents and treats skin conditions like acne
Litsea Essential Oil- helps to balance sebum production.
Orange Essential Oil- promotes clarity, radiance in the skin.

Konjac Sponge

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Our skin is constantly under attack with environmental stresses and toxins every day when we leave the house, so it is essential to exfoliate at least twice a week. JNL Natural has created the Konjac Sponge that is gentle enough to use on a baby’s skin but powerful enough to slough off dead skin cells to get that smooth and glowing complexion. After cleansing my skin, I placed the sponge under water and squeezed the water out; I gently rotated the sponge on my face in a circular motion and then applied the face salve.

My Favorite Ingredient
Cherry Blossom Powder- helps cleanse the body of impurities, suppresses toxins that speed up skin aging, lightens hyperpigmentation, clarifies uneven skin, and repairs damaged skin.

Face Salve

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After cleansing and exfoliation, moisturizing my skin is a must, even before I go to bed, regardless of skin type. Every night before I go to bed, I apply the face salve. This face salve creates better skin for the next day and added the appropriate moisture to my dry spot without having my skin look and feel super oily. The following day, I woke up to smooth and hydrated skin.

My Favorite Ingredient
Sweet Almond Oil – improves complexion and skin tone.
Grapeseed Oil – moisturizes and balances the skin.
Papaya Seed Oil – helps combat wrinkles, scars, large pores, acne, dark spots, and other skin blemishes.
Organic Argan Oil- protects against sun damage.
Lavender Essential Oil- lessen acne.
Rose Geranium Essential Oil- applied to the skin as an astringent that tightens, brightens and removes dead skin cells.

Lip Balm

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Who doesn’t love a good lip balm? I apply the lip balm after my morning shower, multiple times throughout the day, and before bed. My lips always feel smooth and moisturize when I use this product.

My Favorite Ingredients:
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- moisturizes lips. Perfect for chapped lips.
Olive Oil- Healing for cracked or dry lips.
Shea Butter- nourish and hydrates lips.

Final Results from my At-Home Facial using JNL Natural’s Simple Skin Regimen Shine Collection. Use my discount code SKYLARREA to get 10% off of your next purchase.

All Products used for my AT-Home Facial. Visit JNL Naturals to purchase your product, and use my discount code SKYLARREA to receive 10% off. Click on this link J&L Naturals Premium Zero Waste Natural Skin Care Products (



Imagine before you go to bed at night, you apply the Derma-E hydrating cream and then wake up to a smooth and clear complexion. How does this happen? Derma- E uses Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and aid clear complexion for those struggling with dry skin. Before I go to bed, I cleanse my skin with a Tata Harper cleanser; I may either use a facial steamer, JNL Shine Facial mask, or an exfoliator to regenerate and remove dead skin cells and then apply the hydrating cream to my face.

My Favorite Five Ingredients Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Oil – protects the skin from UV damage
Macadamia Seed Oil- hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.
Green Tea Extract- help to soothe and calm the skin while also protecting against collagen degradation and skin discoloration.
Vitamin E- soften and smooth the appearance of a younger-looking complexion.
Jojoba Oil- moisturize dry skin.



The weather is getting warmer, but not warm enough for me to wear shorts. So on my way to brunch on an 88-degree day, I wore a spaghetti strap cami top with wide-leg jeans, tan suede wedges, and a cream color bookbag purse to carry my belongings. This 70’s inspired outfit was a show stopper and a great transition from a hot day to a cozy night in late spring.

Sidenote: You notice that I tend to go to brunch a lot, but that is all it is to do during a pandemic.

Cami Top, Wide-Leg Jean, and Purse came from:
Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store

6136 Arlington Boulevard
Falls Church, VA 22044

Goodwill of Greater Washington – Transforming Lives and Communities (



Recently, I went to the hairdresser this past weekend to get a ponytail for my recent photoshoot, and Boy, was it laid! My stylist used Got2BGlue hair spray to accomplish this slick look. And I did not have to worry about frizz or flyaways. Got2BGlue got the job done, but my hair was stiff, crunchy, and flaky after a couple of days. For the first time in my life, I tried out this Shampoo Bar from Oh My Garden to get my hair back to normal. Although, I was skeptical at first because I am use to using shampoo out of a bottle. After looking at the ingredients, I realize that it wouldn’t hurt to try it—Friday morning after an excellent workout. I gently rubbed the shampoo in a circular motion until it lathers in my hair and massage the ingredients into my scalp and repeat a couple of times until I felt comfortable washing the product out of my hair and following up Deep Conditioner; my hair felt squicky clean. This shampoo bar dismantled any flakiness I received from the Got2BGlue hair spray and added shine to my hair.

And Viola, my hair is back to its natural state, and I love it! I would recommend this shampoo bar solely based on its ingredients. OH, MY GARDEN is made with organic ingredients that don’t dry out your hair and gently cleanses and nourishes the hair and scalp.

My Favorite five ingredients
Macadamia See Oil – helps add shine, strengthens, and nourish hair follicles. fights hair loss
Mango Seed Butter – softens dry hair, reduces breakage, and smooths split ends.
Coconut Oil – moisturizes hair and reduces breakage.
Chamomile Extract – strengthens hair and protects it from easy damage.
Tea Tree Leaf Oil- soothes an itchy scalp, reduces dandruff, prevents excess oil production, and stimulates the hair growth.



On Friday, we celebrated an 80’s baby birthday. While the rest of us were trying to find loopholes in hanging out during the pandemic, this 80’s baby has safely been quarantining with her family all year long. So when she said that she wanted to have a Birthday dinner, none of us hesitated to come out to celebrate her born day. In honor of this great 80’s baby prodigy’s Birthday, I wore baggy yellow high-waisted harem pants with a multicolor mock-neck crop top and block heels and added a red purse to finish the look.

Happy Birthday @kirsmedia
Follow her for the latest on media and entertainment.

Harem Pants and Crop Top came from:
Prime Thrift Georgia Avenue
6101 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20011



I can’t stress enough how important it is to exfoliate twice a week. I reviewed top-of-the-line exfoliators, and it’s safe to add Derma-E Microdermabrasion scrub to your “products to try” list. Some of you may be familiar with the benefits of exfoliation. If not, here it is; Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and promotes skin regeneration. Derma- E Microdermabrasion Scrub is unique because it buffs the skin and reduces the appearance of acne scars. This product comes in handy for those who struggle with oily skin, primarily through the warmer months when you are more than likely to experience breakouts. It’s amazing how this product includes prominent ingredients found in your kitchen cabinet, like dead sea salt to slough off dead skin cells and removes toxins from the skin, while the Grape Seed Oil kicks in to revive the skin’s complexion. After one night of using this product, I woke up the following day to smooth and silky skin. I gently apply the scrub in a circular motion to cleansed skin for one minute, then wash it off with lukewarm water, and apply Mad Hippies Vitamin A Serum to close my pores.

My Favorite Five Ingredients:
Kaolin- removes impurities from the skin and absorbs excess oil to help reduce breakouts.
Grape Seed Oil- nourishes the skin.
Sweet Almond Oil- Soothes and conditions the skin.
Jojoba Seed Oil- moisturizes the skin.
Dead Sea Salt – exfoliates and buffs away dead skin. Detoxes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and renewed.



You want that blouse, but it’s too BIG! No Problem! I refuse to put a blouse back on the rack because it’s too big. There’s so much you can do with an oversize blouse, like, make it a dress, skirt, or an off-the-shoulder shirt (follow @goodgirlthrift on Instagram for suggestions). As for me, I turned this oversized top into a tie-up shirt and paired it with my ripped boyfriend jeans and tan wedges I found at the DSW clearance rack two years ago.

Blouse came from:
Prime Thrift
3115 Sherwood Hall Lane
Alexandria, VA 22306

Jeans came from:
Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store
8228 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309



I am a lazy girl when it comes to putting on makeup; it can be time-consuming. I feel like a good moisturizer is all I need to achieve a radiant look. Applying Willing Beauty’s Daydream Illuminating Day Moisturizer every morning gives my skin the necessary hydration it needs to provide me with a natural glow. This product has a unique HY+5 COMPLEX formula that defends the skin against environmental aggressors such as pollutions and harsh climates known to cause wrinkles and discoloration. Each morning, I gently apply a dime-size amount on my face and then go about my day. My skin looked and felt soft. A little moisturizer goes a long way, and when I decide to put on makeup, I will use this moisturizer as a primer.

My Favorite Five Ingredients:
Safflower Seed Oil- acts as a lubricant to gives the skin a smooth appearance.
Shea Butter- protects against skin dryness.
Vitamin C- helps to gently reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
Prickly Pear Seed Oil- reduces skin inflammation as well as prevents skin damage and acne.
Apple Fruit Extract – protects the skin from free radicals and helps it maintain youthful elasticity.



Sometimes a nice blouse is all you need for an effortless outfit. On a day out with friends at Busboys and Poets, I wore a Sara Stephen’s 80’s Vintage Blouse with dark blue denim jeans and tan mules. It was a simple yet cute outfit.

Blouse came from:
Goodwill of Greater Washington Retail Store
8228 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309

J&L Natural Shine Face Mask

J&L Natural Shine Face Mask

What’s better than a good face mask? A great face mask with natural and vegan ingredients from J&L Naturals that works on oily and combination skin. Due to the dry climate, My skin has been dry and dull; and I needed a face mask that can restore moisture while maintaining the natural production of sebum on my skin. J&L Naturals Shine Face Mask has just four ingredients that are easy to pronounce, so I felt comfortable trying this product without skin irritation fears. After I cleanse my face, I used the wooden spoon found in the package to mix one scoop of face mask with one scoop of water and stirred until I got a clay consistency. I apply a nickel-size amount to my face for 20 minutes to allow the ingredients to penetrate my skin. Once I washed the face mask off using warm water, my skin felt smooth. I woke up the following morning with clear and radiant skin. There’s enough in this container to make 150 masks.

Face Masks Ingredients:
Bentonite Clay – flushes out toxins and absorbs dirt and oil from your skin.
Kaolin Clay– prevents breakouts and helps to restore skin that frequent outbreaks of acne have damaged.
Beetroot powder– helps repair and prevents dry skin.
Orange Peel Powder– contains vitamin C, which helps to form collagen and makes skin youthful and bright.

J&L Natural Shine Face Masks Results


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