Chill & Chic You don’t always need to wear a dress or heels to look chic; sometimes, you can accomplish this look with jeans and tennis shoes. I attended an outdoor event and opted out of a skirt and heels to wear high-waisted distress jeans with a stretch green-collar blouse, multi-color belt, and Hurachi tennis shoes. I was not only cute, but COMFORTABLE! DO YOU … Continue reading THRIFT STORE FINDS: CHILL & CHIC

Saying Goodbye to Winter!

As we say goodbye to winter, we will be leaving behind the dry and dull skin; and saying hello to moisturized and vibrant skin. I am preparing for this season of beauty and allergies with Miles of Moisture Coconut Botanical Scrub. With just ten ingredients, this scrub regenerates and renews my skin cells. After a shower, I gently rub the scrub onto my entire body … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to Winter!


Photo Cred: Justin Featherstone @olotparkinglot; Hair: Natasha Love @hairnlove Everyone needs a dress that they can throw on and wear anywhere! This unique All-purpose is something I could wear to church, work, or on a casual day out with friends. Oh, and the purse is adorable, I can’t fit much in it, but it served its purpose and completed the look. Dress and Purse came … Continue reading THRIFT STORE FINDS: ALL-PURPOSE DRESS

Thrift Store Finds: MY DRESS CODE

After working from home for the past two years, I can speak for everyone when I say that I’m not excited to go back to a boring dress code. There’s a way to be professional while wearing the clothes you feel comfortable wearing. First, make sure your attire is within the company’s dress code, then find a nice compromise between what’s appropriate and your personality. … Continue reading Thrift Store Finds: MY DRESS CODE


We’ve been attending Holiday Parties throughout December, but there’s that one outfit you save for the main event, and for me, that is Christmas EVE. Every year for Christmas Eve, my family and I participate in a fine dining experience at The Prime Rib, a swanky steakhouse restaurant in DC. This restaurant has a strict no jeans, hat, or casual wear policy, so tonight’s dress … Continue reading THRIFT STORE FIND: CHRISTMAS EVE AT PRIME RIB