A Spa Day is so Necessary…

Growing Up with a vegan Mother and a diabetic Father, I thought that I knew everything I need to know about health and wellness until I started my career in the spa industry. I became opened to other ways of staying healthy and wasn’t aware that it consisted of an occasional spa night. Honestly after hearing the word; my first thought was “How can a heated room benefit me?” So, my manager recommends that we have a spa night. For those who are not accustom to Spaing; it consists of a Jacuzzi, Artic Cold Plunge dip, Turkish Steam Room, Swedish and Russian Sauna. We invited a couple of our friends; she gave us a tutorial on how to spa correctly. She explained that the steam room and saunas were great ways to detox, increase metabolism, reduce stress, build immunity and is an excellent source of hangover relief (Wish I would have known this a couple of years ago; that’s another story). On our first Spa night, we spent 30 minutes in the steam room, 10 minutes in the Swedish sauna, and 5 minutes in a 200 degree Russian Sauna. Afterwards, we took a quick dip a 52 -degree Arctic cold plunge pool that closes up your pores after an intense night of steaming. After a night of proper spaing, it felt like my body had just undergone renovation, and now I cannot seem to go a week without a good spa night. I started to incorporate an ab and leg workout each room. For those who are interested in the health and wellness lifestyle; I suggest that you purchase a membership at Spa in your area. Trust me; It is worth it.


2 thoughts on “A Spa Day is so Necessary…

  1. That sounds amazing! You’re right, it al beneficial and yet I’ve only been to the spa once in my life. Now you’re giving me incentive to not only go but to find someone to go with or pay for it! Hahaah



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