From reading my previous post on finding a clean foundation, it’s evident that I am a fan of the Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Foundation. My only gripe with this product was the lack of representation when it came to shades. I was able to pass by using the “Olive, Olive” shade. But, what about everyone else who is unable to wear the available three shades? This brand failed to portray consumers with unique skin tones, which was the real reason why I switched to Uoma Beauty. This black-owned beauty brand launched in 2018 with the Beauty Innovator Award Winner, Say What?! Foundation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, places like Sephora and Ulta Beauty suspended product testing. For my advent beauty buyers, you know first hand how difficult it can be to find the right shade without testing the foundation first. Little did I know that Uoma Beauty was one step ahead of the game with their accurate online shade finder that sifts through 51 shades to find your complexion match. First, you select your shade out of six skin color groups, pick the shade within the skin color group, identify your undertone, and they will pull-up your proper skin match. They successfully matched me with Honey Honey, T2N. I intended to purchase the foundation, but I couldn’t resist adding the concealer and contour stick to my cart. See my review of each product below.


I bought this foundation in July during the quarantine. It came just in time for me to try on my birthday. This soft-matte foundation was perfect for my oily skin because it could soak up the excess oil while giving me long-lasting full coverage makeup without drying out my skin. The Say What?! Foundation was the ideal shade until I developed a bronze skin tone after exercising every day outside. So, I had to manipulate a lot using my contour stick and bronzer to match my summer tanned skin. I recommend applying the foundation on clean skin after your moisturizer and primer. I apply a generous amount of foundation to get full coverage and then use a makeup sponge to blend the application into my skin.


I apply the Stay Woke Concealer after the Say What?! Foundation to brighten my complexion, most importantly, under my eyebrow to shape, define and hide the hair (it’s been a year since I had my eyebrows done, so this concealer has been my BFF). First, I use the concealer as a primer on my eyelids and under eyebrow before applying the foundation on my face (Helpful tip: I recommend doing your eyes before your foundation). After I finished my eyes and lay the foundation, I use the Stay Woke Concealer under my eyes, swipe down the nose, chin, and on the area of my forehead located between my eyebrows (sorry, I don’t know what part of the face this is). This product was easy to blend and brighten my darker areas.


The Double Take Contour Stick is my favorite product from the line because you get two products for one price. This Double Take Contour Stick has a highlighter that gives you a luminous glow, and the contour stick enhances your face’s shape. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I used the contour stick to compliment my newfound tan. I’m aware of the contour stick’s job, but buying another foundation wasn’t in the budget until fall. After using the foundation and concealer, I applied the contour stick along the hairline of my forehead, temples, under my cheekbone, Jawbone, and then blend using my makeup sponge (Fyi: a little goes a long way). Then I apply my translucent setting powder, blush, and finally, use the highlighter on my cheekbone, the bridge of my nose, and tear ducts; and gently blend using my fingers to get that luminous finish.


As you can see, the results are breathtaking. I get a long-lasting natural look.

For my Beginners (like me), I would suggest watching Slim Reshae on applying makeup for beginners.


Sidenote:  All of the ingredients in the products mentioned in this post are 100% vegan and received a score rating from good to fair on the EWG website.


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