Who knew a splash of Sangria could look just as good as it tastes. Beauty Bakerie developed a special recipe that includes red wine with brandy, orange juice, blueberries, strawberries, and a hint a sugar that will turn you into a Michelin star delight. This alluring shade of pink is perfect for every occasion. Beauty Bakerie Sangria Matte Lip Whip will have you turning heads at a summer day party, capture onlookers on a fall outing, warm your date up on a cold romantic evening, and bring a smile to a loved one face on a beautiful spring day. For the long-lasting look, apply no more than three layers of the product on your lip, gently Blatt, allow to dry, and finally leave the house and be prepared to turn heads. If someone asked you about your lip color, send them to the Beauty Bakerie website for their very own vegan dessert Matte Lip Whip.


Side Note: Lip color will not rub off on your face mask.

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