THRIFT STORE FINDS: Rainy Days in Fall

Rainy days in the fall are difficult to dress for; the weather is colder, the wind is harsher, and the rain lasts longer. Finding a good rain jacket during this time of the year can be challenging because if you wear a coat, you’ll be too warm, and wearing a spring rain jacket is not heavy enough to keep you warm. This past Monday, the weather called for rain with a high of 56 and a low of 39; I wore a Liz Claiborne rain jacket, along with a forest green sweater and rain boots to keep me warm and dry.

Rain Jacket came from:
4917 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746

Sweater came from:
The Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Center
1590 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852


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