THRIFT STORE FINDS: Casual Wear for Outdoor Dinning

There’s not much to do now and days due to restrictions. So when I want to meet up with friends, we find a restaurant with outdoor dining. January has been very mild, so I was able to feel comfortable under heated lamps in a casual Tahari ASL blazer paired with a white-collar blouse and an Old Navy high-waisted blue denim cut-off ankle jeans. I wore a red purse with this outfit to add a pop of color.

Blazer came from:
Thrifty’s Georgia Avenue
6101 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20011

Jeans came from:
2nd Avenue Value Stores
6307 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD 20748

Purse came from:
4917 Allentown Road
Camp Springs, MD 20746

Black Ankle Boots can be found on the PRETTY LITTLE THING website.


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