When people think about the breakfast of champions, everyone’s mind goes to eggs, toast, grits, and bacon. Although it’s a good source of protein, A simple fruit bowl can provide that and more while satisfying your taste buds. There’s a saying that you should eat every color of the rainbow because of each color’s benefits. For Instance, Red is for the heart, white is for immunity, yellow is for the skin, green is for cleansing, orange is for inflammation, and violets are for Antioxidants. This morning for breakfast, I had each rainbow color (except for green) in my bowl. See what I had this morning for breakfast:


Great for your skin
Good for Eyes and Vision
Lowers Cholesterol
Removes Acne
Fights Dandruff
Helps in Diabetes
Boosts Sex Drive
Keep your immune system healthy
Fights against Heart Diseases and Cancer


It helps your body, muscles and forms the blood vessels
Ease Anxiety
Constipation Relief
Combats high blood pressure and stroke
Rich in antioxidants
Reduce blood sugar
Helps bone health


Helps improve eyesight
Boost immune system
Helps reduce wrinkles
Improves skin health
Promotes weight loss
Promotes Heart health


Best Antioxidant food
Rich in Vitamin C Nutrition
Good Source of Dietary Fiber
Prevents Heart Disease
Improves Memory Power
Hair Care
Fights Cancer


Improve the Health of the eyes
Prevents Anemia
Reduces Cholesterol
Prevents Cancer
Cleans Kidney
Boosts Immunity
Lowers blood pressure
Cure’s Diarrhea
Rejuvenates Skin
Good for pregnant mothers

Fruits have a great source of vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy and protect us from different ailments. Did I mention how delicious they are? List your favorite fruit combination!


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