Saying Goodbye to Winter!

As we say goodbye to winter, we will be leaving behind the dry and dull skin; and saying hello to moisturized and vibrant skin. I am preparing for this season of beauty and allergies with Miles of Moisture Coconut Botanical Scrub. With just ten ingredients, this scrub regenerates and renews my skin cells. After a shower, I gently rub the scrub onto my entire body in a circular motion and then wash it off with hot water. You can feel the sugar gently exfoliate during the application process as the coconut oil absorb in my skin, leaving it silky and soft.

I repeat this body exfoliation process twice a week!

My favorite five Ingredients
Sucrose- exfoliate and draw moisture to the skin.
Shea Butter- helps smooth dry skin.
Coconut Oil- moisturizes dry skin, reduces inflammation, and promotes wound healing.
Argonia Spinosa Kernel Oil- Argan oil helps reduces symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.
Tocopherol- Vitamin E’s role to act as an antioxidant cover.

Click Here for more information on Miles of Moisture Coconut Botanical Scrub


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