When we hear the word Juice, we think of a juice cleanse or reminisce on Q being told that he had the Juice at the end of the 1992 classic movie “Juice.” But have you heard of Juice Beauty’s contribution to the skincare industry? It takes the word Juice to the next level; they have many products ranging from cleansers to foundations that do wonders for the health of your skin. I enjoyed their Bamboo Pore refining mask; It completely cleared my skin after struggling with skin blemishes throughout 2021. I applied this mask twice a week and left it on for 10 minutes to remove any access dirt from my pores. For those with blemish-prone skin, it’s easy for our skin to get clogged with access oil, dirt, and bacteria; it’s good to have a mask that refines the skin of any impurities to create an environment for cleaning and minimizing the pores. This product consists of organic ingredients from the earth that successfully detox, hydrate, even out my complexion, and control my skin’s oil production. The Bamboo Pore Refining Mask has a soft consistency that goes on the face smoothly without irritating the skin. I wash it off and complete this routine with a skin serum and night cream. I have repeated this process twice a week since August of 2021 and have seen a difference in my skin; my complexion is clearer, and my skin feels softer. I wake up with a glow each morning.

My Favorite Five Ingredients:

Bamboo Charcoal – exfoliates without stripping the face of its natural oils, deeply cleanses and shrinks the pores.
Kaolin Clay – helps draw out excess oil and impurities to help protect the skin against daily pollutants.
Sunflower oil – leaves pores unclogged.
Willow Bark Extract – provides gentle exfoliation for more radiant skin.
Sugarcane Extract – minimizes blemishes and keeps the skin hydrated.


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