HOUSE OF UNI; Calypso Lipstick Line

You probably recognized this product from the first episode of “Insecure” when Issa Rae was trying on several colors to wear on the night of her birthday. I must say that I had an Issa moment; when looking for the right pigment to compliment my 80s-themed velvet black dress to wear to the Power & Beauty event, I tried various colors they had sent me such as Rum Punch, Blackberry, Jamocha and Star Apple. All of the colors were beautiful, but I decided to go with Star Apple for the occasion. No worries; I know I will be wearing the other colors to an upcoming girls’ night out, day party, brunch, or date night.
I quickly gravitated towards the product because of the homage they pay towards the Carribean culture and the wide variety of pigments they offer in their product line. This brand alone dares you to stand out and be confident in your skin. Just like their highly priced competitors’, their product goes on smoothly and leaves a rich pigment on your lip. Unlike their competitors, House of Uni pays close attention to the ingredients they put in their products making them environmentally and health conscious. Check them out before going to the MAC counter to purchase lipstick. Their products retail for $9.00 on their website.
Instagram: @houseofuni


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