Trendy Finds for the Spring Time!

Photo Credit: Antonio Diggs

Now that the weather is warmer and the clouds are cleared, I can finally have fun recreating new looks with these simple pieces from the Thrift Store.

Thrift Look #1: I Loved pairing this black and white skirt with a light black Banana Republic Blazer and crème color purse. (I’m not big on brands, but when you find a blazer from Banana Republic at the thrift store for $9.00; you may want to pick it up!)

Thrift Look #2: This has to be my favorite look, this Burgundy Dress is simple and versatile. It’s so easy to dress down with white converse or dress up with heels.

Thrift Look #3: This sweater is perfect for colder days in April and May (65-72 degrees is considered cold to me.).

See What you can find a this location:
2nd Avenue Value Store
8750 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309


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