Mineral Fusion Sheet Tint Mineral Foundation

Foundation- is the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level. 

 Applying foundation on the face is similar to designing the right foundation to fit the building conditions of a home.  The foundation is the starting point to achieving any beauty look. A couple of tips I’ve learned from my friends in purchasing foundation is to get the right shade for your skin (you can test this on the transverse carpal part of the hand), foundation color should match your neck, and consider the best formula for skin type (such as powder, liquid or water-based). This is all helpful, but a lot of foundations on the market has toxic ingredients that cause skin irritations, developmental problems, cancer, and even reproductive issues. This information alone has led me to a vegan foundation from Mineral Fusion’s makeup line named sheer tint mineral foundation. Mineral Fusion sheer tint mineral foundation is a lightweight foundation that gives full coverage with a consistent texture that goes on smoothly and has a luminous finish. To all the natural beauties out there, you can get the appearance of having no foundation without masking your natural skin.  I have worn this product on numerous occasions and received compliments on how beautiful my skin looks.  My only gripe with this product is that there are only three shades available for this line. I was fortunate enough to find a shade that compliments me, but everyone should be able to experience how unique this product is. I want to recommend creating different colors for customers with darker, yellow, or cooler skin tones. 

Here are five products to stay away from when picking out your next foundation: BHA, Siloxanes (D4&D5), Lead, Mercury, and Talc.

Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Mineral Foundation retails $32.99

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