THRIFT STORE FINDS: Birthday Edition

Photo Credit: Antonio Digg @80shots

The first look is m favorite! The skirt has a Japanese Dragon (also known as Tatsu) print with a high split up the side. I paired this staple piece with a simple black tank top and a neutral heel to break the color.

The yellow dress is inspired by the 90s hit show 90210. It’s a simple look that you could pair with sandals, wedges or white sperrys (for my tennis shoes lovers).

Love, Peace, Soul is the mood for this final look. I pulled off this 70s theme outfit with a sheer white off the shoulder blouse, navy blue and white bell-bottoms pants and neutral flat sandals.

Accessories spotlight goes to Goya Boutique for the tiny sunglasses and Modern Mosaic for the purse.

Looks came from:
3115 Sherwood Hall Lane
Alexandria, VA 22306


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