I’ve hosted my first panel discussion on Saturday, May 2, 2020, discussing life as a woman under quarantine. I had the opportunity of bringing in four amazing professionals from different industries to give their perspective on topics of Health and Wellness, Self-Care, Beauty, and Relationships. We plan to have more panel discussions in the future, but for right now, I’ve listed the panelist’s websites below for you to check out.

Ashly Brook, Future Nutritionist:
Ashly brought a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and health and wellness. Make sure you check out her website, and youtube channel,  Unedited Wellness.

Shantuana Bryant, HR and Media Professional
Shantuana is a true advocate of Beauty and Self-Care. Visit her page on  to purchase products for your pampering and intimate needs during this quarantine.

Kimberly Homer, Marketing and Brand Professional
Kimberly has a unique purse line that is made for the stylish individual. Go to to purchase your very own statement piece and use the code GirlTalk30 to receive 30% off of your first purchase. 

Kirstan Crawley, Media Enthusiast , Follow her on Instagram @industrykirs


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