Fur is considered the staple for luxury! It’s not easy to attain because of the price, but when you find it at the thrift store, YOU PICK IT UP, I REPEAT, YOU PICK IT UP!

Now that everything is starting to settle down with the omicron virus, I may wear this luxurious piece on Valentine’s Day with a rayon fabric white and black pattern blouse, a leather mini skirt, and black high heel booties. I love this fur because it is well-rounded; you can wear it to a lovely gala, on a date night, and you can attempt to pull a Whitley Gilbert and wear it with jeans! However, you decide to wear it, every girl should have fur in their closet to wear on a special occasion.

Fur and Blouse came from:
Prime Thrift
3115 Sherwood Hall Lane
Alexandria, VA 22306

Mini Skirt came from:
Value Village
2277 University Boulevard
Adelphi, MD 20783


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