Bali Balm

We see a lot of beauty influencers trying out new lipstick, stains, and gloss, but what about finding the perfect Lip Balm? Lip Balm is an absolute beauty essential that we should never forget about; believe it or not, there are lousy lip balms out there, and I’m here to introduce you to one of the good ones, which is Bali Balm. I came upon this lip balm in my monthly Kinder Box subscription and completely fell in love with it. This lip balm has just 11 ingredients that bring long-lasting moisture without applying multiple times in the day. After one application, my lips were soft and gave me a natural shine. Also, this lip balm made an excellent primer for my matte lip stain and provided enough moisture under a lip stain that can be drying at times. This lip balm is a basic necessity that should stay in your purse at all times.

My favorite five Ingredients
Castor Oil- promote hydration
Kukui Nut Oil- helps repair dry lips
Rosemary- helps chapped lips and prevent drying
Grapefruit- heals patch lips and make lips look softer
Sugarcane extract- gently exfoliate lips to leave them smooth and supple

Click Here for more information on Bali Balm


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