Local Product Highlight: Miles of Moisture Island Dream Hair Enhancer

As much as I adore Curlsmith and Camille Rose for my wash and go, I have to highlight Miles of Moisture, a local certified vegan and cruelty-free woman-owned brand out of Baltimore, Maryland. For those of you who own a brand, you know how costly it can be to create hair products with safe ingredients. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into producing a quality product; you must find the right lab and distributor, figure out packaging, and build a recognizable brand. Anytime I see a local hair company, I always support it, and I was low on product and needed a new Leave-in Conditioner. My first experience with this product was excellent; the smell made you feel like you were on an island drinking Pina Coladas. The consistency was smooth and didn’t have that sticky feel. After washing and conditioning my hair, I worked through this Island Dream Hair Enhancer in my hair with my fingers, used a detangler brush to smooth out those stubborn tangles, and finished with a curl gel, and voila, the finished product. Their ingredients were made for my fine and low porous hair; it absorbed moisture without weighing my hair down, controlled my frizz during this summer humidity, and kept my ends from drying and splitting. It also helped that the owner had a similar porosity and density as me. Miles of Moisture Island Dream Hair Enhancer made my curls pop this summer.

My favorite five products:
Macadamia Butter – helps smooth hair, giving it a shinier appearance.
Hemp Oil- stimulates hair growth.
Flaxseed- boosts circulation in the scalp.
Avocado Oil- keeps the hair hydrated, prevents dry and brittle hair
Honeysuckle Extract- smooth hair strands, help strengthen hair


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