I had the opportunity of helping Founder Kendra of The Classic Cue Vision become a reality at her first event, “Spring Out the Box, A Recipe Swap,” on April 8, 2017. For those of you who are not familiar with The Classic Cue; this brand provides the latest trends for fashion, interior design, travel, and lifestyle.  Kendra wanted to introduce her guest to Spring with new recipes to try at home. These dishes were ideal for date nights, dinner parties, or to prevent spending money at restaurants. We had a live demonstration performed by food connoisseur, Yvonne, who prepared veggie empanadas, and professional Chef Sage from the Food Network show, Chop’t, who made mini fish tacos. Of course, we also had two ladies who great are examples of career women who find time to cook with their busy schedule. Their asparagus tart and Cajun shrimp and crab dip were simply amazing. After experiencing great cuisines from these ladies, we ended the event with fresh sounds from DJ Juliana. Make sure you check out The Classic Cue website for these wonderful recipes, Click Here.

In the meantime, check out photos from our photographer, Ashley Dorce.

Professional Chef Sage:

Food Connoisseur Yvonne:

Follow the Cooks on Instagram

The Classic Cue @mskendradee

Chef Sage Beausejour @cupcak3sage @personalchefsage

Bex Lee @ladymacbexx

Yvonne Eseonu @points_of_humanity

Shawn Gatlin @sweetdreks

Photography by Ashley Dorce @_ashleydorce

DJ Juliana @Julianaaxvi


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