Hair Serums serve as a tool to reduce frizz and protect the hair from future damage. With my constant struggle with frizz and dryness, I needed a hair serum capable of bringing my dry coils to life. JNL Naturals Hydrate Hair Serum is made for people like me with dry low porosity hair that has a hard time absorbing moisture; this hair serum can hydrate and reduce frizz while making the hair more manageable to maintain. This product is made with four unique moisturizing oils that has restored my hair :

  • Coconut oil moisturized my hair.
  • The sweet almond oil reduced frizz.
  • The jojoba oil reduced the buildup on my scalp.
  • The argan oil made my hair more manageable. 

First, I washed and deep conditioned my hair; Then, I applied five drops of the Hydrate Hair Serum on my scalp and massage for one minute. I used the remaining serum left from my scalp massage to gently run my hair through my fingers and finally applied styling products to complete my wash n go. Adding JNL Natural Hydrate Serum helped improved wash n go; my hair feels hydrated, looks shinier, and is more manageable to handle

Special Note for those with low porosity hair: This product has light oils that will not weigh down your hair.

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